About Mama Green

Mama Green is both the name of a blog and a new behaviour change program being developed by environmental campaigner and author Tanya Ha.

Mama Green: the Blog

Mama Green is Tanya Ha’s main green living blog. It’s aim is to be a fun and informative place to learn practical green living advice, with a particular focus on parenting. Tanya’s approach is to teach sustainability with style and substance: promoting practices and tips that have a sound basis in science, but presenting them in a way that’s engaging and appealing. It’s also a place for Tanya to try out ideas and road test information for the Mama Green program. Which brings us to…

Mama Green: the Program

Parenthood is a life-changing experience. Tanya’s aim is to develop an empowering, non-judgmental, child-friendly way for new mums (and dads) to learn about greener and healthier living through local workshops, online resources and support, and social media.

The idea began many years ago when Tanya’s girlfriends started having children. Knowing her to be a mother and sustainability expert, they asked her advice on everything from nappies to green cleaning to GreenPower. Tanya also wrote several articles for magazines on eco-parenting. The idea of ‘Mama Green’ itself began to take shape and in 2009 Tanya held a pilot series of workshops in Williamstown, Victoria, supported by Hobsons Bay City Council. After a break working on other projects and the ABC TV series Catalyst, Tanya is back at work developing Mama Green.

If you’re a beginner when it comes to green stuff, but have a new-found concern for a healthy environment and the future of the planet now that you’ve brought a child into it, then the Mama Green program is being tailored for you. It’s more hip than hippie – designed for those whose shade of green is more Julia Roberts than Erin Brockovich!  She is incorporating this into the Master of Environment program she is undertaking at University so that the program has a solid evidence base and is founded on sound behaviour change theory.

Stay tuned…

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